About Us

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Spytek Security Solutions is

  • A Turnkey Security Systems Integrator with specialization in IP Video Surveillance and monitoring systems.
  • WE are a group of passionate and creative SOFTWARE and HARDWARE ENGINEERS.
  • WE have over 5 years of experience delivering solutions that work great.
  • WE have dozens of satisfied customers in retail, property management, construction, correctional institutions, hospitals, and more.
  • WE have the time, resources, expertise, and creativity to design and implement perfect solution for your specific needs.

Our systems and solutions:

  • Protect your organization and provide a safe environment for employees and customers.
  • Create a visual record of everything that happens in your institution .

As the use of Digital IP Video Surveillance/CCTV Systems has become more widespread, new applications have been found such as process monitoring, activity monitoring, health and safety, traffic and crowd control, together with social applications such as the tracking of lost children and providing prompt assistance in emergency situations. Other business benefits include:

  1. Defense against false claims
  2. Reduced inventory shrinkage
  3. Reduced equipment theft
  4. Gather business intelligence by keeping track of your operations.
  5. Document critical business activities to enhance your profitability and efficiency.

Digital IP Video Surveillance/CCTV Systems has become one of the fastest growing sectors of the security industry and has been responsible for countless arrests and prosecutions leading to substantial reductions in criminal activity. This can be witnessed by the numerous cameras, in one form or another, now appearing in a variety of situations, including shops, businesses, car parks, town centres and even domestic premises.

To be effective, the right equipment must be specified for the right application and be professionally installed and maintained. Whilst poor design or installations is not acceptable with any system, the effects with Digital IP Video Surveillance/CCTV Systems can be very marked indeed and most people will, at one time or another, have witnessed poor quality images or scenes  in which people or objects are so small as to be of no benefit.

Spytek Security Solutions again have extensive knowledge and expertise in the matter and are able to design, install and maintain the right system for any given situation utilising the very best quality equipment from proven manufacturers.

Whether for general or covert observation for businesses, retail areas, car parks, shopping centres, railway stations, airports, storage compounds, industrial plants, town centres or domestic residences, whether for simple observation or systems including numberplate recognition, facial recognition or automatic tracking, Spytek Security Solutions have the experience to assist with the most appropriate design.

From a single camera, to complex computer controlled installations incorporating detailed graphics and system integration, from single monitors to systems capable of being monitored internationally via advanced transmission methods, Spytek Security Solutions have the experience. “SPYTEK SECURITY SOLUTIONS – YOUR SECURITY IS OUR BUSINESS!”


More and more companies today are looking to integrate the various electronic fire and security systems into one centrally monitored and controlled package.

Such integration has many benefits including the lowering of costs and the simplification of common operating methods. To be truly effective, however, an integrated solution must be carefully planned, designed, installed and maintained. Spytek Security Solutions have all the n e c e s s a ry experience and expertise to implement a fully integrated solution and to manage the integration of various system suppliers to ensure the required solution is achieved.

Advanced software options are available to achieve simple to operate integrated controls and displays including, if required, detailed full colour graphics of building layouts and on screen prompts for operator control. These are easily integrated into a building’s B.M.S. system.

Integrated systems can be controlled manually or automatically, locally or remotely, from one or more terminals. They can include, for example: permanent or temporary ID passes for entry to buildings or equipment, monitoring of fire and emergency lighting systems, control of Digital IP Video Surveillance/CCTV System cameras (which will automatically home in on incidents), control of gates, car park barriers and intruder detection systems.

Every Spytek Security Solutions system is individually designed in accordance with the client’s requirements and once an order is received a Project Manager is allocated and remains responsible for the contract until final commissioning. “FOR QUALITY & SERVICE –SPYTEK SECURITY SOLUTIONS HAS THE ANSWER.”

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