Why Spytek?

Why choose Spytek Security Solutions?

  1. YOU WILL get a FREE, NO Obligation security analysis of your facility by one of our expert consultants.
  2. WE WILL educate you about your choices in implementing the system
  3. WE WILL offer you choices that meet or exceed your requirements and not overload you with unwanted information.
  4. WE WILL back up each choice with benefits, value and cost of the system.
  5. WE WILL make it easy for you to make the decision.
  6. YOU WILL get all of our warranties and guarantees in writing.
  7. YOU WILL be offered a multi-tiered maintenance plan to protect your investment.
  8. YOU WILL get the most hassle free project implementation that you have ever had.
  9. YOU WILL be 100% satisfied, if not 100% satisfied then please tell us and we will redo that part of the project at no-cost to you, if you are still not satisfied then we will deduct that part of the project from your invoice and it will be FREE!.
  10. YOU WILL get a system that will improve your bottom line whether it is Employee Productivity, Reduced Inventory Shrinkage,Effective Remote Management, Employee & Customer protection.
  11. WE WILL leave your facility cleaner than we found it.
  12. WE WILL keep our meetings short, to the point and results oriented.
  13. WE WILL educate you on the processes that will be followed to ensure a successful deployment.
  14. WE WILL make sure our system installation process will keep disruption to your business at a minimum.
  15. WE WILL maintain the system with highest standards and be responsive to your needs.
  16. WE WILL be in touch with you every so often just to make sure that you are making maximum use of the system.
  17. WE WILL make you look good with your boss.
  18. WE WILL implement our projects on mutually agreed upon time..
  19. WE WILL keep you informed of the project progress.
  20. WE WILL work around your time-lines (after-hours if needed)
  21. WE WILL not change the estimates once agreed upon without your approval.
  22. Our world-class training will ensure you utilize the system to the fullest and get maximum returns on your investment.
  23. Your IT department will thank you for engaging our services.
  24. By the time we complete the project, you will be a raving fan and you will be telling all your friends and colleagues about us.

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