Advantages of IP Video Surveillance System

IP video surveillance systems offer many advantages over traditional analog technology that many fail to consider, this brief write-up aims to demonstrate these advantages:

1.       Efficient: IP systems can easily send alerts using live vide or snapshots to your email account that can be accessed via laptop or even smart cell phones for immediate review. Non security applications can also make use of this functionality such as for customer service, deliveries, work-flow monitoring and much more.

2.       Business Intelligence – IP systems can be equipped with integrated processors and software that can analyze events in real-time, alerting you about suspicious activity while overlooking unimportant activities.

3.       Integrated Systems – IPVSS can easily integrate with your alarm systems, lighting and access controls.

4.       Secure Transmission – IP video systems encrypt the data to ensure complete privacy thus eliminating the need for expensive fiber-optic cable.

5.       Reliablilty and Redundancy – IP video systems are diverse enough to offer video storage at multiple locations to provide security against disasters and theft. IP systems leverage technical evolution over the decades to deliver proven reliable solutions.

6.       No Long Distance – IPVSS can be accessed, managed and recorded from across the room or across the world via the internet.

7.       Lower Installation Costs – IPVSS can transmit Audio, Video, Power, PTZ controls on a  single network cable. Network cable is less expensive and typically already wired in the building resulting in significant cost-savings.

8.       Higher Resolutions- IPVSS consist of cameras that boast of resolutions that are 3 to 4 times higher than standard analog cameras. IP cameras are digital end-to-end and use progressive scanning to make full use of camera images. Higher resolution means less cameras needed to cover the same area.

9.       Futureproof – IPVSS are very similar to computer systems, where they can be easily upgrade as new capabilities and compatibility with new technolgies.

10.   Ease of use – Computer savvy users can easily learn to use IPVSS with minimal learning time, as most of the software interface is similar to commonly used softwares.

As with any new technology there is a learning curve to taking the leap to IP. Spytek Security Solutions is here to assist your organization in taking this leap with minimal risk, we are an education based systems integrator with services that range from custom design, installation, project planning, training & maintenance. Please call us to schedule a FREE, NO OBLIGATION 73 point security survey of your commercial facility.


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