Digital IP Surveillance Cameras & Security Guards – A great combination?

Security guards roaming a property and having their presence be the crime deterrent is a great way to secure the property.  There will never be a replacement for a human being to interact with people, check doors, or even investigate suspicious activity.  Security guards that are busy texting, or in some cases sleeping, present an easy target as well as a waste of money.

Alarm systems are also good at deterring criminal activity, but responses are often very slow by law enforcement.  Law Enforcement Authorities respond to tens of thousands of alarm calls each year, and almost all are false.  This leads to slower response times, and lower priority when on other calls.

Camera Systems are great at providing evidence to crimes or activity after the fact.  They are sometimes viewed as a deterrent, but may not always be the best option.  Often times surveillance footage is reviewed after an incident, to learn what they already know.  Someone  broke in, etc.

While a guard can only be in one place at a time, digital IP cameras can demonstrate a physical presence and deterrence effect continually over the entire site.  Further, the vandal proof IP camera units cannot be injured, intimidated or corrupted.  They will not call in sick, fail to show up for work or do anything that might reflect badly on the guard company.  They require no “benefits” and will not make a “workman’s comp” claim.

What is the solution?  A combination of service is the answer. A single guard in a mobile response unit can respond if an event occurs on a site and can be available for multiple sites and offer a quicker, more tactical response by using digital IP camera systems. Incorporating Digital IP Video Surveillance System that is locally monitored or remotely enables a security guard company to monitor their accounts more efficiently utilizing the skills of their higher qualified guards and eliminating the need for marginal employees.

Remote monitoring services can access and view camera systems remotely to conduct tours of clients properties to look for suspicious activity, and can even communicate with people through the camera system.  Camera systems can also notify monitoring stations of any motion observed on the cameras.  This sends a signal to the monitoring station, who then views the cameras to investigate the activity.  If the activity is suspicious, they can contact local law enforcement or security to investigate further.

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