Case Study – Changing Faces

Changing Faces – Cell Phone Accessory Chain Store

Changing faces is a regional chain store dealing in latest cell phone accessories. The chain is based in San Diego, CA with expansions planned for Tijhuana, Mexico and Los Angeles county. The owner of the franchise chose Spytek Security Solutions to provide integrated security system that will:

1)      Assist the owner in remotely managing the locations.

2)      Serve as a deterrent to potential shop-lifters.

3)      Improve employee productivity by monitoring their sales techniques.

4)      Help the owner focus on expanding the chains presence and relieving him from day-to day management tasks.


Spytek Security Solutions recommended Digital Video Recorders distributed by Scansys, Inc and cameras made by CNB, Inc. The reason for the choice was the Central Management Software capabilities that integrated geographically dispersed individual store locations onto a single screen and on the same hand gave the user the capability to turn-on or turn-off individual stores and individual cameras in the stores.


The cameras were strategically placed so that maximum coverage was achieved with minimum number of cameras, standard locations needed 4 cameras. Cameras were placed right above the cash-register to ensure cash transactions were being conducted appropriately and management had proof in case of issues. The other cameras were distributed to kiosk area thus effectively covering major portions of the locations.


Ever since the succesful implementation of the integrated video surveillance system, Changing Faces locations enjoys the high resolution video quality and the remote access, live view and playback functions of the Scansys, Inc Digital Video Recorders. This system can be easily upgraded in the future to support more cameras without any reconstruction efforts thus making the investment worthwhile. The owner of the Changing Faces is satisfied with this project and is planning with the system integrator for the overall replacement for the antiquated camera systems at his other business locations.
“I can rest easy knowing that my locations are functioning as intended and I can still be engaged in doing what I enjoy most..building my business from outside rather than working on the inside…kudos to the Spytek Security Solutions team for educating me on the benefits of the systems and professionally implementing the system after thorough analysis…Thank You” said Bruce Le, Owner Changing Faces.

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