Case Study – Comfort Inn

Since Information Resources Group acquired new hotel in Oklahoma City, it needed a system to remotely manage the property from its headquarters in Jefferson City. Spytek Security Solutions was chosen decided to provide them with a video surveillance system, in order to ensure the security of hotel premises, assets, staff and guests.

The solution required an easy-to-use and highly reliable system with round-the-clock recording of images, and the possibility to monitor and record video remotely, both in real-time and deferred time.

The video surveillance solution offered by ExelonTech was able to respond perfectly to the security needs of the Information Resources Group. Spytek Security Solutions, a company that specializes in advanced technological solutions and an ExelonTech partner, offered the customer a custom designed system that exceeded their expectations.

Spytek suggested a system for monitoring its indoor areas and other sensitive outdoor areas, such as garages and entrances.

For recording and viewing the recorded images, the system design included the installation of a Exelon Professional Series Digital Video Recorder, a DVR specifically developed to manage the images with two 1GB network cards, one for the camera network and the other for remote viewing. The system was chosen due to the possibility to increase the number of cameras at a later time, the possibility to customize groups of network cameras, and the convenience of not having to install any software on the remote computers.

Implementation results

The implementation of the video surveillance project for the Information Resource Group hotels has proven to be fully satisfactory for the customer. The ability to discreetly monitor the sensitive areas of the hotels, preventing customers from being bothered by the invasive presence of surveillance cameras, has been appreciated. The wide range of ExelonTech cameras has made it possible.  Excellent quality of images obtained even in poor light conditions has enabled uninterrupted monitoring of areas at risk in the hotel, thus guaranteeing the safety and peace of mind of the guests.

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