Case Study – Encinitas Pharmacy

Mobotix Solution for Encinitas Pharmacy

Encinitas Pharmacy, located Encinitas, San  Diego, is a community pharmacy offering a large range of products and services to local clientele. Typically, the products are small and easily transportable – ranging from cosmetics and vitamins to baby care.

Encinitas Pharmacy had an existing CCTV system, comprising Eight Analog cameras and a DVR (digital video recorder).

Recorded images were limited to the recording format 4CIF, which restricts the quality of playback video. Zooming in to view detail within the captured images resulted in a significant loss of image quality – an imperative when you are managing an inventory of small items.

Client Objectives
• Replace existing system with updated technology
• Own the equipment
• Maximum coverage inside the store
• Allow for system expansion, redesign and relocation
• Remote connectivity for peace of mind

Spytek Security Solutions installed Digital IP Video Surveillance system using award-winning Mobotix cameras.

The resolution of recorded image on the new cameras is 3 Megapixel, which is 5 times the quality of 4CIF on the previous system. Pharmacy owners are now able to drill into the recorded images to view the smallest detail – getting much better shop coverage with less cameras.

Should the pharmacy change the layout of the store in future, moving the cameras is simple due to the new networking technology. The system is easy to configure, maintain and expand if the future needs change. Most importantly, the system is easy to use for identification of incidents.

The new system offers many additional benefits to the client.  Encinitas Pharmacy reports higher level of customer satisfaction – with fast responses following any complaints regarding incorrect change, products not placed into a bag.  Using the time log, Encinitas can go straight to the correct time-frame in the system to view the footage – and with the high detail, can even see the change that is given.  The system has also been very useful in checking how many boxes are delivered by couriers.

Encinitas Pharmacy are able to view footage using remote connectivity via an iPhone, giving peace of mind and immediate checking in the result of an alarm event. The advanced features of the system include audio recording, email of alarms, events & system warnings.

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