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The High Risk Psychiatric Hospital located in San Diego, CA, is a full service facility providing a variety of inpatient, day treatment and outpatient services. The 55,000 square foot, two-story facility includes a gymnasium, exercise equipment, tennis court and a swimming pool.

Goals of Surveillance System

Ensure safety of patients and staff at all times and provide management with opportunities to improve processes and efficiencies.



The hospital was in need of an enterprise level security solution for their facility to ensure the safety of their patients. They wanted to be able to monitor the large hospital premises so as to respond to incidents in a quicker and efficient way. The objective was also to analyze incidents tassist in the implementation of a surveillance system for the hospital.


To meet this end, five (5) Mobotix Q24 Hemispheric Cameras ( and sixteen (18) ACTi cameras ( were installed. Cameras were installed both inside and outside of the hospital to effectively watch over the entire facility.


The hemispheric cameras were placed in areas that needed 360 degree coverage (wall-to-wall and ceiling to floor with no blind spots), hemispheric cameras were the only one;s that fit the bill.


Exelon ( VMS software was chosen to integrate the  cameras and provide the selected management and employees secure access.

One of the unique requirements of the hospital was that the system cannot be accessible via internet, so Spytek Security Solutions’ designed and built a closed network and provided the exclusive monitoring stations that were connected on the closed network.


The Acti cameras have been placed within different areas of the hospital for maintaining the well-being of the patients and increasing the operational efficiency. The IP-66 certified outdoor Acti cameras have been installed outside of the hospital perimeter to make sure there is constant surveillance in during all hours.


The indoor Acti cameras were enclosed in vandal-proof housing to prevent any vandalism efforts by the patient or the staff.



The server architecture design allowed for all 23 cameras to be continually transferring video data to the local server where it is authenticated and stored. Remote access by user or administrator is possible after authentication by the server. The hospital management is extrememly pleased with the operation of the system and can rest assured about the safety of their patients and staff alike. This system has enabled a proactive surveillance for the entire hospital premises.


Architecture Diagram (Coming Soon)

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