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High End Housing Community

Beautiful housing community located in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe with landscaped areas, swimming pools and common areas.

However, many of the tenants and members of the Homeowners Association were not entirely satisfied with the disruptions to the community’s peace caused by unruly people in the swimming pools, irresponsible pet owners not picking up after the pets, residents and visitors speeding through the community, negligent drivers destroying the landscape and many other incidents that are practically unavoidable in housing units of this scale without suitable countermeasures.

Security Creates Trust

The new concept presented by Spytek Security Solutions a San Diego Based Security Systems Integrator convinced the decision-makers at the Home Owners Association. Optimum user benefits, low operating costs and excellent value for money helped to close the contract. Spytek Security Solutions has been actively working in the field of Digital IP Surveillance since 2008.

The Design

Specific areas of concerns were identified by the homeowners association which included but not limited to Entry and Exit gate areas – This was to identify cars accessing the housing community and to identify irresponsible drivers causing damage to landscaping as well as gates. Swimming Pools were identified as an area of concerns since HOA rules prohibit use of pools during certain times of the day as well as gate control issues. Several pathways were identified as potential for catching speeding cars in action.

The housing community gate and complex is manned by a member of a security company 24 hours a day basis. The security guard is provided with a full view of the entrance area by innovative, IP-based megapixel camera technology from MOBOTIX.

The technical potential of MOBOTIX camera technology, the individualism and ambition of an entrepreneur and the experience of a housing construction company make such a sophisticated system possible – one that allows as much freedom as possible but also performs as many surveillance tasks as necessary.

For the housing industry, it is an ideal platform for increasing the attractiveness of its properties. The overwhelming majority of the people interviewed confirmed: “We feel safer and happier with a camera surveillance system.”


Security guard chamber is fitted with a system consisting of a PC with a flat-screen monitor. The monitor image shows the layout of housing community buildings and small surveillance images are displayed on the screen at each of the camera locations. With a single mouse click, they can display the relevant camera image as a full-screen picture and react accordingly. The image or sequence of images is simultaneously recorded for later analysis, which in one instance has already helped towards solving a crime.

Intercom Included

When it came to implementing the functional requirements, Spytek Security Solutions added some useful features to the system. The integrated speakers included in all cameras can be used for targeted announcements by the security guard.

The outstanding sharpness of the camera images means that people can be easily identified. In cases of doubt, a brief conversation between the person and the security guard via the camera can quickly clarify the situation. Incidentally, these functions are entirely possible via the built-in features in the high-resolution MOBOTIX cameras at minimal additional cost. High-performance solutions of this kind are simply impossible with conventional analog camera technology.

Thanks to PoE, savings can be made on cabling costs, while the low power consumption of the cameras also makes for much lower electricity bills throughout the system’s lifetime. The administration software which is provided free of charge by MOBOTIX is yet another good reason for choosing the cameras.

Satisfaction All Round

Everyone involved is extremely satisfied with the solution that has been found. The Home Owners Association is especially pleased as it now has a solution for increasing safety in its property at comparably low costs. The system can even be extended at a later point if required. The result is increased value and acceptance of the properties through a greater sense of contentment among the residents.

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