Case Study – Z Pizza Restaurants

Zpizza – The Pure One: San Diego Locations.

Z Pizza was founded in the art colony of Laguna Beach, California, where creativity and craftsmanship have flourished for almost a century. So it comes as no surprise that our critically acclaimed pizza is a true Laguna original.

Spytek Security Solutions was chosen as a systems integrator to assist the management to help design, install, train and maintain an integrated system for locations throughout the region.

High Level Requirements of the franchise owner was to have an easy to use system that can save time as well as be accessible on the smart-phone so they can keep tabs on the business on the go. They planned to use the system to:

1.      Ensure safety of the customers and workers.

2.      Ensure that proper procedures were followed by workers when preparing the food items.

3.      Ensure that the workers were being utlized optimally to assist in reducing labor costs.

4.      Protect themselves from false litigation claims of slip & fall cases.


After a thorough review of

  • The requirements
  • Functionality needed
  • Ease of use
  • Budgetary constraints


Spytek Security Solutions recommended Digital Video Recorders distributed by Scansys, Inc and cameras made by CNB, Inc. The reason for the choice was the Central Management Software capabilities that integrated geographically dispersed individual store locations onto a single screen and on the same hand gave the user the capability to turn-on or turn-off individual stores and individual cameras in the stores.


The cameras were strategically placed so that maximum coverage was achieved with minimum number of cameras, standard locations needed 4 cameras but larger locations demanded 5 plus cameras. Cameras were placed right above the cash-register to ensure cash transactions were being conducted appropriately and management had proof in case of issues. The other cameras were distributed to restaurant area, food prep area and storage, thus effectively covering major portions of the restaurant.


“The ease of use combined with training offered by Spytek Security Solutions thas made the system indispensible to me as a business operation tool” said Bill Alexander the franchise owner. “Your service is always spot-on and I have no complaints but just impressed at how thoroughly your technicians perform their jobs”

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