Case Study – USA Fragrances


With no Video Monitoring Solution in place, USA fragrances, Los Angeles, CA, sought a state-of-the-art solution that was affordable and easy to manage. San Diego’s system integrator Spytek Security Solutions the fastest growing technology integrator in the Southern California region – was selected as the solution provider.

The locations of USA fragrances were geographically spread throughout southern California (Los Angeles, San Diego, Temecula, Lakewood etc) and some satellite locations in Northern California (Santa Cruz, San Francisco) and Oregon.


Knowing that Mobotix is a technically sophisticated product that is relatively very easy to use and the ONE CAMERA SOLUTION worked perfectly for the stores located inside of the malls and are lighted during the day and secured by the mall management at night. The unique requirements to have store that is aesthetically very pleasing and at the same time provide the owners with the quality monitoring solution that is robust and requires minimal maintenance.

Cameras used in the stores were Hemispheric Cameras with 11 mm lens for complete coverage and 3 megapixel resolution for great picture quality. The units have in-built two-way audio capabilities. Out of the box these are IP 66 rated and can withstand the weather of Antarctica to the Mojave desert.


Since the stores were geographically widespread and maintenance would become a hassle, Spytek Security Solutions strategically worked on building this system. Camera’s were placed right above the register area in most instances to capture majority of conversation happening between the customer and the cashier (employee), this has reduced the inventory shrinkage significantly and has also enhance the training programs that are currently being provided to the employees.

Vice-President S Fazalbhoy said we have has easily transitioned into the system and that managers have found use of the remote smart-phone monitoring process “very easy” to learn and use.

Coming from no system at all to being able to get law enforcement or administration tangible evidence in just a matter of seconds has really been one of the most beneficial parts of having this system,” said Fazalbhoy. “We also like the fact that it’s works well with our existing infrastructure.”

Fazalbhoy said those are among several reasons Spytek Security Solutions recommends Mobotix for video surveillance solution projects:


It’s Intuitive: The MxCC software is intuitive and it’s only one program rather than having to use multiple programs like other software we have used in the past,” Fazalbhoy said. “Plus, I was able to program my first system and train my manager on it. It’s that easy to operate.”

You Can Have Different View/Recording Resolutions: “I love the ability to change the viewing resolution without changing the resolution of the recording. In some systems you don’t have as good of control of viewing. You put in megapixel cameras and it still looks like garbage on the screen. So being able to have a better resolution in the live view is much nicer.”

Support: The Spytek Security Solutions support team is very responsive. We particularly like having the ability to communicate with tech support through team viewer online.”

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