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Warehouse Management

“Just in time” is one of the most important standards used to evaluate logistics services. Raw materials have to be at the production location, products have to leave the production halls, and the goods have to be delivered to the customer, right on time.

With more than 20 locations throughout southern California, USA Fragrances needed a robust industrial grade solution that was easy to operate and manage.

“We did some pretty intensive research in advance to find a surveillance system suitable for our warehouse,” Waheed Rahman said. “We finally found almost by accident just what we wanted on the homepage of Security Systems Integrator based in San Diego, Spytek Security Solutions, a company with which we are working with currently to secure our retail locations.”

Spytek Security Solutions then demonstrated the MOBOTIX technology and competently presented the many diverse possibilities, features and application stages – always focusing on how this technology could be used most effectively. “What really convinced us was the fact that the solution adapts perfectly to the existing IT infrastructure and that it would not be necessary to lay any extra cables or to install any programs,” continued Waheed Rahman.

For meeting the requirements Spytek Security Solutions recommended Hemispheric Q24 camera system with local recording to network attached storage. “Most camera systems don’t begin to record until the alarm goes off,” explained Waheed, head of the control department at USA Fragrances warehouse. “What fascinated us about the MOBOTIX technology is that the network camera also documents the events prior to the alarm and shows us how the malfunction occurred. This is important information that we cannot do without.”

When everything is running smoothly, the camera simply overwrites the previously stored image sequences. If an error occurs, this event stops the camera from overwriting these images. If desired, the images recorded in the last seconds before the malfunction occurred can then be analyzed.

The camera is connected to the internet via a secure connection and the live images can be transmitted from the warehouse either continuously or event-controlled and also fed into the TCP/IP Ethernet, for example, so that any access-authorized PC can manage and operate the cameras remotely using just a browser.

“And finally,” continued Waheed Rahman, “the attractive price-performance ratio and the industrial design of the cameras spoke clearly in favor of MOBOTIX: the camera housing is extremely robust, very shock and vibration resistant and operates well even in harsh environments, where they have to deal with dust and steam, for example.

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