Case Study – Wholesale Warehouse Store

For 7 years, San Diego Cash N Carry (SDCNC) purchased new security equipment from a different company each time it acquired a new building. As a result, the disparate systems became more and more unmanageable. SDCNC officials knew they had to integrate all those pieces by bringing all the securityequipment under one umbrella so it would work together to protect the store. With a single system to maintain, officials would no longer be forced to call different vendors to solve different problems.


  • Deter Shop Lifters
  • Make positive ID of thieves easier
  • Catch Employee Sweethearters
  • Protect Customer & Staff
  • Ensure optimal customer lines

In addition to adding IP cameras to their existing analog surveillance system, they wanted continuity among their system. And with such a large store spread out over an extended area, they needed someone who would work closely with them to protect their buildings and people. “The equipment we had was seriously underutilized, but we really wanted to use it without having to throw everything out and start from square one,” said Jeff Mansouri, Chief Executive Office at SDCNC. “Spytek Security Solutions helped us revamp our system and update the functionality, and they worked with us to add IP-based components that would let us use the equipment we had in place.”

The Solution:
In addition to installing Mobotix Hemispheric Q24 IP cameras in the warehouse store, SDCNC also placed Mobotix Q24 cameras on the outside of the buildings. The new and existing surveillance equipment was tied together which enabled SDCNC security officers to view and manage video footage easily. “When we looked at the equipment they had, we decided that an IP-based system would be a perfect fit for several reasons,” said Enayat Shaikh, President & project manager for Spytek Security Solutions. “It added some functionality they were missing with analog and gave them faster and easier access to the footage captured by the system. It made their security staff more efficient. And it provided significant cost savings because it let them keep the analog cameras they were already using.” Because the system was IP-based, it was crucial that the IT department be closely involved with the project. The integrator met with both security and IT to make sure the needs of both departments were being addressed.

In the end, everyone was pleased. “The command center in the main office has a bank of monitors. Now we can control our video surveillance, access control, and intrusion systems from one place,” said Jeff Mansouri.

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