Video surveillance is an ideal solution for many construction-related issues, including vandalism and the theft of raw materials like lumber, steel, and copper pipes and wire. A smartly installed video surveillance system at any construction site can bring money saving advantages and increased efficiency.

Construction Site Security

From vandalism to homeland security concerns, CONSTRUCTION sites face security issues that require an effective, well-designed security system. We understand that security issues can lead to service outages, lost income and harsh fines for noncompliance with federal and state regulations. From your headquarters to your main production facilities to remote substations, implementing an enterprise-wide security system is how Spytek Security Solutions is working for you to help keep your employees—and the communities you serve—safe and secure.

To achieve high efficiency, our solutions save you time and money by streamlining manual processes and automating reports for auditing purposes.

We offer a wide range of remote security technologies to help you monitor what goes on inside and outside and around your facilities. Spytek Security Solutions helps you manage your resources and safeguard your sites, whether it’s your headquarters that spans acres or numerous small remote substations. We focus on security so you can focus on normal operations.

From petty criminals to terrorists, construction sites are prime targets. Ensuring safety requires reducing the risk of incidents that can disrupt normal operations. Spytek Security Solutions helps ensure that your people, equipment and facilities are protected against events that keep your plant from operating at full capacity.


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