An integral part of any culture or country, health care is one of the most basic and important aspects of any society. While it may appear in different forms, its basic goals of prevention, treatment and cure are the same everywhere. Whether it’s a clinic, a hospital or a doctor’s office, video surveillance is a valuable security tool for healthcare institutions of all shapes and sizes, helping patients, doctors and staff focus on the treatment first.

  1. Hospitals
  2. Nursing homes
  3. Psychiatric hospitals
  4. Clinics
  5. Assisted living
  6. Retirement communities
  7. Medical office buildings

Healthcare facilities are by nature relatively porous.  They are also complex operations and their security is typically more involved and challenging than other types of facilities.  Developing, implementing and High Definition IP Video Surveillance program that provides the needed levels of control and protection while maintaining or improving the desired levels of accessibility, service and patient satisfaction is a challenge.

  • How do you balance your need to be an open and welcoming facility against your duty to properly and reasonably protect your people, assets and reputation?
  • How do you provide a properly Secure Environment of Care in an Open Campus with a patient centered and family friendly culture?
  • Is your video surveillance system a strategically planned and synergistic system that cost effectively prevents and mitigates your real threats and risks, or is it a relatively random collection of measures applied over the years as a reaction to particular incidents and concerns?
  • Do your staff feel safe and secure in their work environments, or is there more you and they could do?

We have extensive experience providing a wide range of video surveillance and business intelligence systems for healthcare facilities. Our experts are always focused upon your unique culture, values, history, location, composition, risks, vulnerabilities, threats and budgets.  We know it is particularly essential to elicit the support for, understanding of, and involvement in security by all departments and staff.

Healthcare staff are increasingly concerned over their safety and security in their workplaces, especially involving intentionally intimidating, threatening and violent behavior by patients and visitors, and especially in higher risk areas such as emergency departments.  The solution to safely preventing and managing such behavior lies in a team effort by the Administration, Security and the employees themselves.

Managing myriad federal, state and local government regulations can be a challenge. Spytek Security Solutions can help you remain compliant with complex regulations such as JACHO, HIPAA and others.

From small clinics to multi-campus hospitals, providing a safe, secure environment for patients and staff within the constraints of today’s budgets and regulations is a challenge for every healthcare provider. Honeywell offers integrated security solutions that help you cure that challenge.

Our systems can monitor what goes on in and around your facilities. We focus on security so you can focus on the health and wellness of your patients and your operations.

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