A reliable security system, which remains discreetly in the background, is indispensable for making guests feel at ease in the hotel room building. High-performance camera surveillance in sensitive areas creates safety and trust, forming an essential basis for comfortable relaxation.

Security encompasses areas such as security of the property itself, company assets, employees’ and customers’ personal belongings and valuables, life security, personal security.

The guest, who comes to a particular hotel, comes with an understanding that he and his belongings both will be safe and secure during his stay at the hotel. At the same time it is also quite important that the hotel staff and assets are protected and secure. Hence it is very important to have a proper security system in place to protect staff, guests and physical resources and assets such as equipment, appliances buildings, gardens of the hotel and also the belongings of the guest.

The management must take care that the security and safety systems cover the following areas:

  • Guest: Protection from crimes such as murder, abduction and health hazards from outsiders, hotel staff, pests, food poisoning etc.
  • Staff: Providing staff lockers, insurances, health schemes, provident funds etc. Protective clothing, shoes, fire fighting drills, supply of clean drinking water use of aqua guards, sanitized wash rooms etc.
  • Guest luggage: Secure luggage store rooms and proper equipment such as luggage trolley and bell hop trolley should be provided.
  • Hotel Equipments: Lifts, Boilers, Kitchen equipment, furniture fitting and building etc. must be protected and for these the security and safety should cover up fire safety equipment, bomb threat security system, water floods security system, earthquake security system , safe vault security system etc.
  • Protection of raw materials, goods, provisions and groceries etc. for this the security system should cover proper storage and pest control systems, apart from the application of total material management system.



Internal security:
  • Against theft
  • Fire safety
  • Proper lighting
  • Safeguarding assets
  • Track unwanted guests
 External Security
  • Proper lighting outside the building
  • Proper fencing of the building
  • Fencing of pool area to avoid accidents in the night
  • Manning of service gates to restrict entry
  • Fixing of closed circuit TV cameras


  • Effective recruitment and selection
  • Identification of staff
  • Key control
  • Red tag system
  • Training
  • Locker inspection
  • Check scanty baggage guests
  • Guests suspected of taking away hotel property should be charged according to hotel policy
  • Guest room security
  • Provide wide angle door viewer, dead bolt locks, night torch, chains on doors etc
  • Employees should be trained to not give any information about guests to outsiders
  • While issuing a card key ask for key card if in doubt of the guest.
  • House keeping staff should never leave keys expose on unattended carts in corridors


  • Record of all losses and missing items immediately.
  • Inventory control should be proper.
  • Auditing should be done on a regular basis.
  • Proper system for cash disbursements should be made.

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