With production costs rising and employee theft costing American businesses in excess of $50 billion a year, loss prevention is more important than ever. Spytek Security Solutions is equipped to meet the security challenges that exist in large industrial environments. We can provide you with the best solutions to protect your property, inventory and employees, and reduce shrinkage. Spytek Security Solutions offers ways to help safeguard your operations against the threat of vandalism, theft, fire and other hazards.

In the industrial marketplace, time is money. You need to ensure the line is up and running at full capacity for each shift. We know that many issues can interrupt production and result in lost income, and we can help you put procedures in place to reduce downtime and prevent critical assets and equipment from being damaged or destroyed.

Our solutions help you manage your resources and proactively protect your property, whatever size your facilities may be or wherever they’re located. Our systems can monitor what goes on in and around your plants so you can focus on everyday operations while maximizing productivity.

Our powerful security solutions help deter and reduce theft. Our products are designed to work seamlessly with many systems from other manufacturers to help you fight burglary and employee theft, reducing the loss of raw materials and finished goods that diminish profits and negatively impact your bottom line.

In addition to providing a secure environment during every shift that your employees work, you also face the challenge of having multiple vendors and contractors visit your sites at different times. We help you identify who’s legitimate and who’s not.

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