Are you losing $$$ through poor surveillance practices?

“A weapon is as good as the warrior holding it” Anonymous.

Often times we get surveillance systems without putting much thought into it and realize later on that the system that we spent so much money on is pretty much useless.

Here are some poor surveillance practices that prevent you from getting benefits from your camera system investment:

Cameras: Cameras are placed so high up that the information obtained from the cameras is useless. Always install cameras at face level or mount them low and angled upward towards the counter in front of the register versus high on the wall. Cameras are too often placed with many blind spots – Always place the cameras spread through the facility where there are no blind spots.

Recorders: Too often we get the recording equipment that are either an overkill or under-sized for the purpose. What that means is that we end up buying the equipment just purely based on specifications (Hard Drive Space, Processor etc) but fail to pay attention to the actual use of the camera systems. We need to ask the question how many days of recording is needed and what areas require continuous surveillance v/s what areas can record just on motion. Remember one size does not fit all when it comes to camera systems.

Camera systems although are being touted as a security equipment, but if used properly can become an invaluable tool in your arsenal. A professionally designed, installed system can tremendously help businesses in cost-reduction, increased employee productivity, increase customer satisfaction, reduced workers compensation claims, remote management capabilities resulting in saving $$$.

Spytek Security Solutions specializes in consulting with businesses and finding the right tools that will help you secure your business as well as help it flourish. Contact us today with your questions and we will be happy to help you.

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