Mobotix – Comparison CheckList

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Excellent image quality?
MOBOTIX cameras deliver resolution of up to 3.1 megapixels (2048 x 1536 pixels) in color, and thus sharp images in HDTV quality
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Great detail?
License plates can be clearly identified with up to 8x digital zoom and actions can be completely documented.
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Large Image acquisition area?
A combination of megapixel technology and a wide-angle lens provides a large field of vision. One single MOBOTIX camera can monitor four gas station lanes at the same time
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Perfect overview?
With a special lens and image post-processing method, one single MOBOTIX 360° camera (Q24M) can record an entire room (such as a store) without any blind spots.
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Weatherproof housing included?
MOBOTIX security cameras feature IP66 weatherproofing and do not require a heater or a fan. They can be used in temperatures ranging from -30 to +60 °C.
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Very simple installation?
MOBOTIX reduces cabling effort. The same cable is used to supply power to the camera (PoE) and transfer video data from the camera.
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Free software updates?
Whenever the software is updated, MOBOTIX makes it available free of charge. This keeps older systems up to date.
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No mechanical moving parts?
No mechanical parts such as motorized zoom, aperture, fans and pan/tilt/zoom elements means extremely low maintenance and operating costs.
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Direct storage in the camera?
Smart image processing and storage management in the camera save on system resources and ensure easy scalability.
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