Mobotix – Gas Station Security

The Perfect Solution For Gas Stations

Mobotix Camera - Gas Station - Spytek Security Solutions - San DiegoThanks to a new technology, MOBOTIX offers unbeatably low total cost on all components needed to run an efficient gas station video surveillance system. The Key Advantages Of MOBOTIX At A Glance:

  • Tried And Proven In 100,000 Applications – Maximum Reliability

Over 100,000 MOBOTIX systems are in use successfully throughout the world. These cameras operate resiliently around the clock. From -30 to +60 °C.

  • Complete Solution – Everything From A Single Source

MOBOTIX offers the cameras, data storage for video recordings and video management software for a complete gas station monitoring system.

  • Less Cameras – Lowest Procurement Costs

High-resolution images deliver more detail. Thus, fewer cameras are needed overall.
For example, one MOBOTIX camera can monitor 4 gas station lanes simultaneously.

  • IT Standard – Lowest Installation Costs

MOBOTIX cameras can be connected to low-cost standard IT components by any electrician with network experience in the same way a printer is connected to a computer network.

  • Software Included – Lowest Operating Costs

The camera includes software with no restrictions or additional fees or licensing costs. Each
camera consumes just 3 to 4 watts, which means very low power consumption.

  • No Mechanical Moving Parts – Lowest Maintenance Costs

Weatherproof and robust housing with no mechanical moving parts
ensure a long service life and no maintenance expenses.


“Self-Service” Gas Stations: Gas station operators must be able to protect themselves from criminal activities:

  • Gasoline theft
  • Shoplifting in the store (liquor in particular)
  • Sales to friends and family at reduced prices
  • Robbery

Reduce theft, losses, sweet-hearting using digital IP cameras from Mobotix provided by Spytek Security Solutions San Diego, CAThe sum of annual losses varies depending on the size and location of a gas station and can often amounts to up to 1000’s of dollars.

Video Surveillance Works: A functioning video surveillance system may be a necessity for banks, but maybe not for gas stations. Yet it is hard to imagine why so many gas station owners don’t have one considering that few video surveillance solutions pay for themselves as quickly as those at a gas station. With a high-resolution professional system, losses can be reduced by at least 60 percent and the entire system will return its investment in no time. Efficient video surveillance leads to reduced losses and higher profits.

Warning: High Resolution!: Potential criminals have developed an eye for spotting high-resolution video cameras and will shy away when they see them. Since these kinds of video cameras can record all activities with an image quality high enough to be used as evidence, criminals would rather abandon attempts at robbing such gas stations and concentrate on less secure prospects. This is why older video technology, which is limited to 0.4 megapixel images and rarely produces conclusive evidence, has now become obsolete. The future belongs to high-resolution video systems.

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