Mobotix – Using Update Assistant

To launch the Update Assistant go to the Tools dropdown in MxControlCenter and select “Update Assistant”.

Click the Search Camera icon and this will populate the Assistant window with any MOBOTIX cameras connected to the network. The split window displays what version software the cameras are running on the left hand side. On the right sits the “Software Package” section, which displays a list of the latest camera software upgrades available.

You can immediately identify which cameras are not running the latest software and perform an upgrade, by simply clicking the camera or cameras you wish to update and then clicking the “Install” button.

Click on the “Applications” tab in the Software Package window, and you are presented with all the versions of MxControlCenter, MxEasy and MxServer. From here the latest applications can be saved and installed. No need to go to to find the latest software. The integrated search box allows for meaningful searches based on terms such as the software name or operating system.

Camera information is automatically displayed on the lower right hand side, including current IP address, the factory IP address, current software version installed on the camera and so on. Providing a snapshot profile of the camera’s key information.

The simple array of icons nestled across the top of the Assistant – offer fast access to important actions such as Add Camera, Change Connection (network) settings, and Upload New Software.

By selecting a camera from within the list and clicking Save Settings icon you can save the entire configuration settings for that camera.

You can then upload the config settings from that camera to other cameras on the network. To do this just select which cameras you would like to include in the upload, then click the Upload Settings icon. You are then presented with a list of configuration options that you can upload to the selected cameras. This includes, Image Control, Time Server, Scheduling and Events.

The Update Settings feature can save a lot of time if used correctly. By setting up key settings in a “master” camera, then saving and uploading the config file from that camera to other cameras, this can remove a lot of tedious re-entering of data. If for example you have setup a detailed time schedule to activate a camera during certain hours you can upload that configuration across all relevant cameras.

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