Press Release – Rancho Santa Fe Home Owners Association

Spytek Security Solutions & MOBOTIX assist Rancho Santa Fe Homeowners Association Enhance Security.

HOA increases safety, reduces anxiety after theft & vandalism incidents.

Spytek Security Solutions., San Diego’s leading provider of high-resolution, network-IP based security solutions, today announced that Rancho Santa Fe Housing Community has deployed 14 MOBOTIX cameras on-site. The three MOBOTIX M12 cameras, two M12License Plate Cameras and nine Q24 hemispheric cameras, along with Video Management Software MxControlCenter, are being used to enhance security at the HOA to provide peace of mind for residents, tenants & service providers.

Whispering Palms is a community representing the individual home, the three condominium and townhouse associations, WP Community Council and Community Services District.  Individually and collectively, our common mission is to maintain and enhance the integrity, beauty, property values and lifestyle of the community. Each has its own governing board and both the responsibility and authority to assure adherence to the rules and regulations that govern its area and are designed to maintain and enhance standards within it.

“If we can’t make our residents feel secure, it will greatly affect their quality of life,” said President of Rancho Santa Fe HOA. “How can we help them enjoy their homes, at the same time, they are worried about safety in our HOA? We have demonstrated that we have these cameras, it has helped increase the perception of safety and will continue to deter suspicious activity.”

Rancho Santa Fe HOA chose MOBOTIX on the recommendation of system integrator and MOBOTIX partner Spytek Security Solutions. The comprehensive surveillance system from MOBOTIX was ideal because of the system’s IP-centric approach, high-resolution video and cost effectiveness. One high-resolution MOBOTIX camera with 3.1 megapixels records 30 times more detail than traditional CCTV cameras. As a result, larger coverage areas of up to 360-degree views are possible, reducing the number of cameras needed and, therefore, upfront and long-term costs. Unlike other systems, the MOBOTIX decentralized concept incorporates a high-speed computer into every camera, allowing video to be processed on the cameras itself. Network bandwidth is reduced as images do not have to be continuously transferred. MxControl Center, a professional video management software package that includes valuable features such as unlimited users, simple configuration and installation, and a user-friendly interface, is included free of charge with the purchase of a MOBOTIX camera.

“Vandalism, theft and abuse of property at a beautiful Rancho Santa Fe community is truly disheartening,” said Enayat Shaikh, President, Spytek Security Solutions. “But we are glad they now have a robust system in place to ensure history does not repeat itself.”


Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Spytek Security Solutions is a Turnkey Security Systems Integrator with specialization in IP Video Surveillance and monitoring systems. Spytek Security Solutions uses cutting edge computer technology with high-end security systems to provide support and  protection of your home and business. Our Company brings together highly-trained, professional technicians and state-of-the-art products to provide the most comprehensive security solutions. Our systems create a visual record of everything that happens in your institution assisting your organization in defense against false claims, reduced inventory shrinkage, reduced equipment theft, gather business intelligence by keeping track of your operations, document critical business activities to enhance profitability and efficiency.


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