Why price should not be the only factor you consider when investing in a security system?

When consumers do their grocery shopping, is it only the stores brands/cheapest available commodity that they purchase?

When it comes to car purchase, is it the cheapest model in production from some unheard of manufacturer?

Vacation planning, does it involve collecting dozens of coupons etc from a websites so the fortnight trip only costs $10?

Obviously there is nothing wrong with ‘value’ items, cheap cars or coupons to get a discounted vacation – they all do exactly what they claim. What I am trying to say is that demanding the cheapest is not how we normally make day-to-day purchases.

Sometimes when clients call us, the first question is always “how much is it going to cost?” This quite often moves on to statements such as “company x can do a system for $X less!” So I am going to start with pricing in general before moving on to specific systems.

The trouble with security in general is that it is something we need – not something we necessarily want. If you spend money on a vacation, you receive time away, relaxation, fun and enjoyment. If you buy a video surveillance system for your business for example, what do you receive? Clearly you will get a video surveillance system but was it fun????

Investments in security rarely make an immediate impact on our business. However failure to take any action, is what changes business and sometimes driving them into bankruptcy!

If you have ever suffered a break-in, employee theft, slip & fal litigation what would you give to go back in time to before the that time so you could improve security?

We have helped companies remain in business by for example, fitting Digital IP Video Surveillance systems that has reduced losses from shoplifters and even employee theft. Had those businesses not made the decision to take action, they would be the first to admit that they would not still be in business today!

But never forget what we are jointly trying to achieve. We are trying to protect your property, your life’s possessions, your business investments even your families’ lives (and your own of course!).

With this in mind, is the cheapest going to best suit you?

If we were asked to quote, we would normally bring the equipment and demonstrate its capabilities to show you before you committed to a purchase. Plus we provide you with 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you do not feel the system is good for you within 7 days then we will take the system out and refund your entire investment.

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