Security Cameras – Are they just good for Security?

The scope of video surveillance-based solutions now extends beyond just security, which presents a new opportunity for applications that can provide more than security they can provide “business intelligence”. 

By getting beyond the camera as a security solution, you get budget money from other departments that now have a vested interest in the camera being in place.Listed below are some of the non-traditional uses of camera systems:

1) Today’s smart IP cameras can detect the path customers take in a pre-defined area, thus helping create a heat-map that assists retailers in deciding the placement of merchandise for best performance. Now when you enter a retail store make sure you notice how the most profitable merchandise for the retailer is placed conveniently close to customers.
2) Warehouses can eliminate manual oversight of activities happening in the loading dock by placing high definition smart cameras to monitor and track the merchandise.
3) Camera systems can now interface with Point-of-sale (Cash Registers) to catch employee fraud & theft.
4) Smart systems can be used to dis-prove fraudulent workers compensation claims thus saving businesses thousands of dollars in premium increases.
5) Property managers can use the smart camera systems to enforce lease agreements – by ensuring that only the number of people mentioned in the lease are actually living in the apartments.

Spytek Security Solutions specializes in non-traditional uses of camera systems and can help you understand the applications as it relates to your business/department. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more…till next time…be safe!!

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