Hosted Video Service – FAQ

Q. How is HVR recording triggered?
A. All video recording is triggered based on the motion detection setting in the camera. Cameras are programed set to trigger motion on the full field of view. Motion detection parameters (sensitivity, motion history, and object size) can be modified from within the WebService interface.


Q. What happens if recording is not started by the motion detection or is not transmitted to Hosted Server due to a network outage?
A. In these cases, the video is not available. If you select an event and attempt to replay video that is not available, the video replay icon indicates that video is not available. You can reduce this risk by adding an on-site storage device which serves as a back-up.


Q. How many cameras can I use with HVR?
A. There is no limit on the number of cameras that you can connect to your account. However, there are practical considerations on bandwidth consumption depending on the amount of motion activity and if you are also pulling live views. We recommend no more than six cameras per location, unless you have done the proper network engineering to support the bandwidth consumption.


Q. Can I use Megapixel cameras for HVR?
A. HVR is systematically constrained to transmit in VGA resolution. So while a megapixel camera may work with HVR, it will not be transmitting or recording video in megapixel resolution.


Q. Can I use any cameras for HVR?
A. No, HVR is limited to specific compatible cameras only.


Q. Can I buy the cameras from Spytek?
A. Yes. There is no charge to connect a camera purchased elsewhere unless Brivo technical support services are required to install firmware, re‐set the Owner Authorization Key (OAK), or move the camera between accounts.


Q. Can I change the frame‐rate or resolution on the camera?
A. No, HVR is limited to a specific frame‐rate and resolution out of network bandwidth considerations.


Q. Can I set up an HVR camera for live viewing only with no recording?
A. Yes, there is a live view only option. No recording is performed. Live view cameras can be accessed by one Administrator at a time.


Q. What if I need greater frame rate and resolution recording?
A. Then you should have an on‐site recorder connected to your WebService account.


Q. How much video is stored per event? What is the pre‐event and post‐event buffer?
A. The amount of video stored is determined by the length of motion detected by the camera. There is a pre‐event buffer of three seconds and a post‐event buffer of seven seconds.


Q. If motion detection is not working to my satisfaction, what can I do?
A. Settings are available within WebService to modify motion sensitivity, history, and object size.


Q. What if I want to save video for longer than 15 or 30 days?
A. Use the download button on the activity log page to store the video clip to local media.


Q. How much bandwidth will a camera consume?
A. Since there are a variety of options that will affect the actual bandwidth consumption for your camera, call us if you have concerns about your bandwidth availability.


Q. How many live views can I have of the same camera?
A. You can have one live view from each camera. Up to six different live view cameras can be arranged in the console at one time.


Q. What is the format for downloaded video?
A. The format is AVI and can be played in Windows Media Player and QuickTime.


Q. Can I log in using multiple browser windows on several monitors to view two or more sets of six cameras simultaneously?
A. There is no technical restriction in our software preventing this use. However it’s likely that your network connection will be challenged to support more than six simultaneous live views.


Q. What player plug‐in to I need for video playback?
A. Your browser needs to be equipped with the Adobe Flash player plug‐in.


Q. What criteria are used with setup of the OVR video to capture ‘motion’? is it done using pixel change or by use of an additional motion sensor device?
A. One pixel‐based motion detection zone covers the entire field of view. Motion detection parameters (sensitivity, motion history, and object size) can be modified from within the web interface. Motion detection is triggered solely by the camera. If you prefer to use a motion sensing device to trigger an input, this can be done in combination with the camera motion detection.


Q. Is there an automated/scheduled process to archive video stored on the OVR to local media?
A. Not at this time.


Q. Can I use PTZ cameras on HVR?
A. OVR does not provide the ability to control PTZs. However if the PTZ is controlled by another interface, video can be transmitted to HVR for recording and for live view. Note that movement of the PTZ will be interpreted by the camera as motion and thus create unintended alarms.

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